Dragon Slayer 4(Legacy of the Wizard) Lee (Edo)

ドラゴンスレイヤー4 ドラスレファミリー キャラクター図鑑

Lee (Edo) / リー(英語名:Edo)

Official illust
Manual / Kadokawa guidebook

JICC guidebook

Basic info

Kadokawa guidebook
It is a tribe of demons who live on the island of Madagascar in the South Indian Ocean. It is skilled in martial arts and warlike, and uses a long spear in its hand as a weapon to attack everything that passes by. Its strategy is to attack while moving around.
JICC guidebook
It is a single-eyed creature and is a self-proclaimed keeper of the underworld kingdom. It wanders around aimlessly, but it's not as strong as Lee himself thinks it is.
In the NES ver. of the CREDITS, the name of this is "Edo".
In the NES ver. of the manual, the name of this is "Biff".