Dragon Slayer 4(Legacy of the Wizard) Collaboration with Cave Story 3D

ドラゴンスレイヤー4 ドラスレファミリー キャラクター図鑑

Collaboration with Cave Story 3D / 洞窟物語3Dとのコラボ

Cave Story 3D
Pochi and Royas makes guest appearance from Dragon Slayer 4 only in the Japanese version of Cave Story 3D released on Nintendo 3DS in 2012. Both of them have all newly created dots to match the action of the cave story.

Cave Story 3D
Guest appearances at Cave Story 3D are "Dragon Slayer 4", "Crazy Climber", and “Ikki”.
All the characters changed the appearance of the main character and did not affect the story at all. From the original fans, they were regarded as foreign bodies that would damage the world view, and their reputation was not good.
Also, Prinny, a creature like Penguin, the mascot character of Nippon Ichi Software responsible for porting this work, will also appear as an equipment hat.

In the game screen, the influence of lighting in the dark cave and scaling is large, but Mr. Amaya, the creator of the cave story, said that their dot picture was 16x16, and Pochi said Mr. Amaya himself making.

「耳が長いから,ミミガーです――「洞窟物語」は意外にも行き当たりばったりで,多くの人に助けられた作品だった。原作者の天谷大輔氏が語る制作秘話」 - 4gamer


Cave Story 3D basic action(Pochi)

Cave Story 3D basic action(Royas)
Both of Pochi and Royas have all newly created dots to match the action of the cave story.

Pochi is shortened by 1 dot for walking animation.

Royas changed color and has a shield that the original did not have.

Cave Story 3D
when wearing a Mimiga mask(Pochi)

Cave Story 3D
when wearing a Mimiga mask(Royas)
They disguise themselves to pretend to be Mimigar's dog-like creatures.
But Royas only changes color.

Cave Story 3D
when wearing a Prinny cap(Pochi)

Cave Story 3D
when wearing a Prinny cap(Royas)
Prinny cap is is just an extra item and is not required to clear the game.

Cave Story 3D
Prinny cap + Mimiga mask(Royas)
Only Royas has a graphic when wearing Prinny cap and Mimiga mask at the same time. Pochi has the same graphics as when only Mimiga mask is equipped.

Original graphics and illustrations by Pochi are posted.
Original graphics and illustrations by Royas are posted.
Cave Story 3D Official PV and RTA video using Pochi and Royas in Cave Story 3D.
洞窟物語3D 公式プロモーションムービーと洞窟物語3Dでポチとロイアスを使用したRTA動画。