The unknown legend of Lemia(知られざるレミアの伝説)

From guidebook "Famicom Hisshoubon Dragon Slayer IV Hisshou Guidebook".
The Worzen family's ancestor Lark goes back to his life, and the past of Pochi becomes clear.
攻略本「ファミコン必勝本 ドラゴンスレイヤーIV必勝ガイドブック」より、ドラゴンスレイヤー4の前日譚。

TOC / 目次

Western oasis, Lemia's hardship / 西方のオアシス、レミアの苦難

 Oasis in the west ... Is there such a good name for Lemia? The sea overlooking gently to the north. As you turn around, There is a golden earth landed on the sun. And from the east you can hear the sound of the ax that the bats hit.

 Thanks to the land where the birds and animals of the forest, people, and even the flowers swaying in the wind were fruitful, visitors from far away were just amazed at their lively appearance.

 However, during the reign of King Femis, the happiness of “Lemia” collapsed without any help. A terrible monster appeared from far east and attacked Lemia. Those who knew only peace could not escape. The unsuspecting people, the house, the earth, the monsters crumbled mercilessly.

 It was the most evil dragon, Keela, who sent these monsters. He has requested all the treasures in Lemia and 70% of the crops to be harvested. Of course, the king did not take any action. If such a terrible request is made at any one time, the tribute will last forever.

 However, the only thing that knows about peace is the same with soldiers and knights. No matter how many monsters were killed, they did not end up.

 And one day. The sky without a single cloudy sky turned dark, and an eerie dark cloud quickly covered Lemia. Soon, a laughing voice that shakes the earth resonated. The people who looked up uneasy looked at the majestic dragons that seemed to be broken in the clouds. The eyes will sometimes glow red.

“No matter how much you fight, you only make a pile of dead people. Well, that ’s good boring.”

 And the dragon prophecy was quite right. Many people died, and the remaining people were exhausted rather than alive. The king finally realized the “limits”. Lemia has only one way to survive. The king told the man in black attire, the messenger of Keela, that he would surrender.

Appearance of Wizard Lark / 魔法使いラークの登場

 And a few years later. Lemia, once called the west oasis, has been transformed into a tough place a mere shadow of one's former self. The people lost their energy and the children continued to cry with a hungry voice. Everyone forgot the hope.

 Keela has already completed a vast dungeon deep under the ground and protected countless monsters. The monsters are formidable, and the dungeons are intricately complicated and have many traps, so it is impossible to reach even the dragon.

 The king tried to send a number of knights named Dragons to the dungeon, but nothing came back alone.

 One day, a traveler arrived in the Lemia forest. His stubble and hair were long. The cheeks fell off and the figure in the rag looked like a beggar rather than a traveler. However, the sharp and grim eyes belonged to the wise. He collapsed like a big tree. He have already walked without eating for days.

“Hey, you seem to have noticed.”

 When the traveler opened his eyes, a good-looking man and his wife-like woman looked into him.


“It's our house. I found you falling and carried it here.”

“But I can't do that very well.”

 The woman seemed sorry. The man sighed and told him that he had been since Keela came.

 Really……. After all. He remembered when he fought Keela in the country of Verilla. That bitter mistake that escaped before piercing the stop.

 And over the years, he sought out Keela and finally got the only holy sword in the world. The name of the traveler is Lark. A wizard with great magical power.

 After resting for about three days, he thanked the couple and his children for a while and set off. He rushed to Keela's dungeon he heard from his couple. He will arrive in a day from here. He squeezed a special cane that was engraved with the runes and symbols that he thought of and only the chosen ones could hold.

Enter the dungeon, and confront / ダンジョンへ侵入、そして対決

 The entrance of the dungeon opened weirdly. Is that sound heard from the wind or the moaning sound?

“Light, light up!”

 As he chanted, the end of the cane was lit and the dark entrance was illuminated.

 Neither the maze that tricks intruders intricately, cleverly crafted traps, or innumerable monsters that could be thrown away, would work for him. The monsters flocking to him as he walks quietly along the right path as if being guided led off with one spell.

“Is it really possible to stab with this holy sword?” He walked back to the back, answering himself.

 Four days later, he finally searched for Keela.

“Nostalgic, Lark”

 Majestic, Keela looked down on Lark.

“A foolish man, do you really think you can beat me?”

 Lark pointed his wand at the dragon and proclaimed it.

“For me, Verila's failure was a lifetime of regret. This time we ’ll settle down.”

 Keela exhaled the flame breath instead of answering. However, the flames do not reach as if they were invisible walls before Lark. “You're a forgetful guy. I won't get hurt by the flames.” Keela shouted with voice and shook his long and heavy tail. Lark escaped. Keela's tail hit the rock wall just beside Lark. The rock wall shattered with a heavy sound. I can't help losing my strength and strength against Keela. Lark was looking for a chance.

Thrusted holy sword / 突き立てられた聖剣

 (Isn't there such a chance to defeat such an evil but excellent dragon ...)

 When Lark thought so, Keela's position collapsed a little due to the reaction of the tail that fell down.

“now or never!”

 He fluttered and put the Holy Sword into the center of the dragon's forehead with full power! The tension as if time stopped stopped in the dungeon. ... and the terrifying Keela cry of the endless soul reverberated.

 Lark pulled out his holy sword and saw a dead dragon. Certainly there was a response, but again the feeling of the terrible hatred of the dragon remained nauseous in the dungeon.

“Keela is a great dragon that will resurrect someday.”

 Lark decided to keep the dragon in the wall just in case. He approaches the rock wall and concentrates his spirit to the limit.

“Ground spirit, wake up. Contain the evil.”

 The moment he silently casts a spell. From the bottom of the ground, it began to sound heavy and low enough to be heard by human ears. And it grew big enough to shake the whole underground world.

 The rock wall began to fall off, and eventually collapsed onto Keela. The rubble continues to fall for a long time ... Lark eventually saw a dragon embedded in the wall like a single mural.

The time has passed ... and an ominous sign! / 時は流れ……そして不吉な前兆が!

 The sound of the woodcutter's laughter and axe hitting the forest filled with the sun leaks.

 Lemia had been fully revived thanks to Lark and had regained the form of an oasis in the west. Happy times can pass quickly. Not long after the sun tilted to the west, the sky was already starting to turn madder.

 Xemn said goodbye to his companions and hurried home. In the meantime, Xemn's mother Geera was in the living room telling old stories to Xemn's children about Lemia's travails.

“Grandma, the Lark is a wizard, a great guy!”

 The eldest son, Royas, said his younger sister also has cute eyes,

“I wish I could use magic”

 Geera saw them gently. He pointed to the picture on the fireplace.

“Look, that's Lark. My Great-great-grandfather!”


“Ho-ho, so you are drawing the blood of Lark too.”

 I still didn't understand what the children were.

 And at that time. The dog pochi barking for something that came through a small spring door. Pochi put it in front of Geera. Things like a shining steel.

Resurrection of Keela / ディルギオスの復活

 Geera stiffened her face. As such, the children were sensitive to something bad happening.

“Keela is still alive. It will surely be resurrected. I do n’t know if it ’s 100 years or 1000 years old.”

 Lark's prophecy is now a reality ... Geera knew the pain of having to send the kids on a dangerous journey. What Pochi brought was a monster scale. That is a sign of the dragon's resurrection. That was exactly what Lark predicted.

 Xemn and his wife Maia started preparing for their trip as soon as they got home. They earned their living as woodcutter, but it was their real job to succeed Lark and defeat the dragon.

 Xemn told the worried children.

“Unfortunately, it seems that it's time to talk to you. We have a mission to defeat the dragon.”

“But, but the dragon is really strong?”

“Don't worry. There is a Dragon Slayer left by Lark.”

 Dragon Slayer-the name of the Holy Sword. Lark feared that this sword would be taken out unnecessarily, and protected four crowns. Only a collection of all crowns can have a Dragon Slayer. These crowns are hidden all over Keela's dungeon, and even their descendants, even Xemn, did not know where they were.

Where is the trump holy sword? / 切り札の聖剣はいずこに?

 If the dragon resurrection is near, we can assume that the monsters are already largely resurrected. Keela's mental waves are terribly strong, and it's not difficult to manipulate monsters even if they are contained in a wall. Keela will be violently disturbed if he cannot take the four crowns.

“Then you have to collect the crown first! Let me help!”

 Xemn knew that these children had a hidden power. It would be a dangerous journey, but without their power we couldn't beat Keela. Xemn decided not to hesitate.

“Yes. If the whole family works together, we can defeat the dragon.”

“Don't forget me too!”

“Wow! Pochi spoke!”
「うわぁ! ポチがしゃべった!!」

 Pochi was transformed into a real figure. He was a good monster. When Lark confined the dragon to the wall, the monsters created by the dragon disappeared, but the good monsters that had been manipulated by the dragon returned to their original form. Pochi was one of them. And then Lark got stuck somehow while he was back on the ground, and has lived with this family ever since.

Pochi thought.

“Lark, I remember what Lark said. I'll protect this family.”
「ラーク、ボクハ ラークノイッテタコトヲ オボエテイル。 コノ カゾクヲ マモルヨ」

After Lark's death, his portrait is hung on the wall of the Worzen family.
And, Unused graphics have been discovered.