Dragon Slayer 4(Legacy of the Wizard) Rock Veest

ドラゴンスレイヤー4 ドラスレファミリー キャラクター図鑑

Rock Veest / ロックビースト

Official illust
Manual / Kadokawa guidebook

JICC guidebook

Basic info

Kadokawa guidebook
It is from the central desert region of Australia. It has been given a soul in the rocks of Ayers Rock by aboriginal witchcraft. It crawls around the ceiling with its four sharp claws, occasionally falling and bouncing.
JICC guidebook
Like Kirru, it lives in the ceiling, and if it sees a human being, it will fall and attack it. Its hull is hard as a rock and will not be able to recover if a human is struck by it for real. It is not clear how it returns to the ceiling.

In the NES ver. of the manual, the name of this is "Rock Beast".
NES版のマニュアルでは名前が「Rock Beast」になっている。