Dragon Slayer 4(Legacy of the Wizard) Tiger

ドラゴンスレイヤー4 ドラスレファミリー キャラクター図鑑

Tiger / タイガー

Official illust
Manual / Kadokawa guidebook

JICC guidebook

Basic info

Kadokawa guidebook
It is a monster that has been living for more than 200 years in a bamboo heap in northern India. It's called a Tiger, but it's really a dog. I (Love, pronounced "Ai" in Japanese) is written on the back of its clothes. It is quick on its feet and attacks from behind.
JICC guidebook
The agile and sly dog became even more sly and learned magic.
In the dot picture, the letter on the back is "I".

In the NES ver. of the manual, the name of this is "Killer Hound".
NES版のマニュアルでは名前が「Killer Hound」になっている。