Dragon Slayer 4(Legacy of the Wizard) Glitch

ドラゴンスレイヤー4 ドラスレファミリーの裏技・隠し仕様など

TOC / 目次

How to glitch / 裏技のやり方

(FC/NES)Pause jump / (FC/NES)多段ジャンプ(PJ)


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In the FC/NES version only, you can jump infinitely by performing certain actions while paused. This technique changes the balance of the game so much that RTAs with and without this technique are treated as separate regulations.
Since the discoverer of this technique named it "多段ジャンプ(tadan jump)" in Japanese, so this is the Japanese name that will be used throughout this site.
In English translation, it would be "multiple jumps" or "multi-step jumps", but the RTA archive, speedrun.com, uses "pause jump" as its regulation name, so the English name follows this name.
これをそのまま英訳すると「multiple jump」「Multi-step jump」等になるが、RTAアーカイブであるspeedrun.comのレギュレーション名が「pause jump」で定着しているため、英語名はこの名称に従う。

(MSX1/MSX2/FC/NES ver) Simplest password / 最もシンプルなパスワード

Simplest password

Simplest password

Simplest password
This is the password that can minimize the number of times you have to input the 4 way control pad in the FC/NES version (the fastest input).
It can also be used in the MSX1/MSX2 versions, but since the password is in keyboard input format, it is not the fastest input.
The mobile phone version doesn't use the password and uses the save/load method, so it can't be used.


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(MSX1)Sound Mode / (MSX1)サウンドモード

MSX1 Sound Mode

MSX1 Sound Mode

MSX1 Sound Mode

(MSX2)Sound Mode and derived tricks / (MSX2)サウンドモード + 派生技

Sound Mode / サウンドモード

MSX2 Sound Mode

MSX2 Sound Mode

MSX2 Sound Mode
Become revivable 3 times / 3回復活できる
Almost full item + Become revivable 128 times / ほとんどフルアイテム + 128回復活できる

MSX2 almost full item

(FC/NES)Sound Mode and derived tricks / (FC/NES)サウンドモード + 派生技

Sound Mode / サウンドモード

FC/NES Sound Mode
Get Armor + Become revivable 3 times / アーマーがもらえる + 3回復活できる

FC/NES Get Armor

FC/NES Get Armor
Almost full item + Become revivable 128 times / ほとんどフルアイテム + 128回復活できる

FC/NES almost full item

(ALL ver)Fixing the random number of scrolls / (全機種)巻物乱数固定法(FRS)


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How to get the first one out easily and for everyone.


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Pattern of 2 scrolls in succession used in RTA.

First of all, the monster's drop items are randomized when all of the following conditions are false.

The random number that decides which items monsters drop can be reset by failing to enter the password at home.

Monster' s action patterns are reset just after the start of the game and after the boss fight. Others also may exist.

The random number changes every time the monster changes direction. Therefore, if you can take the exact same action right after you enter the dungeon, the same item will drop every time.

Controlling the random numbers becomes more difficult the longer you are in the dungeon.

If you only need to get 1 scroll out, anyone can do it.

It will take some training to get 2 scrolls out.

The challenge of getting 3 scrolls out includes the risk that you will hate the game.

(ALL ver)6x Speed Scroll / (全機種)巻物6倍速


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If you take a scroll from a treasure chest when your movement speed is 4x, it accelerates to 6x.

(ALL ver) Conditions for x2 the STR of a monster / モンスターの攻撃力が2倍になる条件

As you can see in the image below, the player character may take twice as much damage from the same monster in the same area.

LIFE 99 -> 98

LIFE 99 -> 97
This is because each area of the map has its own suitability for the player character, and if the character is not suitable, the monster's attack power will be doubled.

The following table shows the suitable player characters for each area.

- A B C D
01 X M R L P X M R L P X M R L P X M R L P
02 X M R L P - - - L - - - - L - X M R L P
03 X M R L P X M R L P - - - L - - - - L -
04 X - - - - X M R L P - - - L - - - - L -
05 X - - - - X M R L P - - - L - - - - L -
06 X - - - - X M R L P - - - L P - - - L -
07 X - - - - - M - - P - - - - P - - - L -
08 X - - - - - M - - P - - - - P - - - L -
09 X - - - - - M - - P - - - - P - - - L -
10 X - - - - - M - - P - - - - P - - - L -
11 X - - - - X M - - - - - - - P - - - L P
12 X - - - - X M - - - - M - - - - - - - P
13 X M - - - X M - - - - M - - - - - - - P
14 - M - - - - M - - - - M - - - - M - - -
15 - M - - - - M - - - - M - - - - M - - -
16 - M - - - - M - - - - M - - - - M - - -

If the player character is suitable for the value of the 0x0314th byte of each room data, the following values are added.

X … +1
M … +2
R … +4
L … +8
P … +16

(ALL ver)Crown boss change / (全機種)クラウンボスの出現順ずらし(CBC)


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You can change the bosses that appear by taking a crown with one or more crowns equipped in Royas.
When you take a crown from a treasure chest, the boss that appears is decided by the number of crowns in your inventory.
However, the amount of crowns you equip in Royas is not included in your inventory.
If you have 3 crowns in your inventory, Rockgaea will appear, but if you equip 2 crowns here, you will have 1 crown in your inventory and Erebone will appear.

(ALL ver)Xemn's pass wall / (全機種)ゼムンの壁抜け(XPW)


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You can get through the wall with Xemn at Legacy of the Wizard :)

(ALL ver)Stop Bullets / (全機種)停止弾(SB)


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(6:13-7:43, 11:11-11:17)

Pressing the left / right or up / down key at the same time and shooting a bullet can fire a bullet that stops in the air.
In MSX1/MSX2 version, you can do it by pressing the cursor key in the opposite direction on the keyboard.
In FC/NES version, you can do it by pressing the opposite key with 1 and 2 controllers.
The longer the bullet overlaps the monster, the greater the damage.
This technique saves MAGIC, but you have to touch the monster to hit it.
Stop Bullets can quickly knock out early bosses.

(FC/NES)Pause Stalagmite Byway(PSB) / (FC/NES)ポーズトゲ穴抜け(PSB)


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Normally, a wing is required to pass through the passage 1 character above the Stalagmite in the Maia area, but FC/NES version allows you to pass through.

and repeat this process to move forward.

(FC/NES)Quick ending call / (FC/NES)いきなりエンディング


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One joystick can be used if the controller can be pressed left and right simultaneously.

In NAMCO MUSEUM ARCHIVES Vol.2, this glitch is available in the ROM data, but there is no function in the UI (controller 3 and 4) to call it.
NAMCO MUSEUM ARCHIVES Vol.2ではROMデータ内にはこの裏技が存在していますが、UI側にこれを呼び出す機能(コントローラー3,4)がありません。

When a command is successfully entered in the FC ver, the NAMCOT and FALCOM logos are not drawn on the title screen.

When a command is successfully entered

Normal title screen

(FC/NES)Selected character graphics broken in house / (FC/NES)家で選んだキャラが溶ける


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Holding down the Start or Select button and the A button to select a character will break the character display.
In addition, leaving the house in that state will momentarily change to a different graphic.

(MSX1)Multiple Press Bug / (MSX1)同時押しバグ

MSX1 Multiple Press Bug

MSX1 Multiple Press Bug

RTA videos using glitches / 実際にグリッチを用いたRTA動画

LSD4 RTA Trilogy / LSD4 ドラゴンスレイヤー4 RTA3部作

I tried all three RTAs in 2020 with all my might, and I ran out of my knowledge and techniques. I archived them.
2020年にドラゴンスレイヤー4(Legacy of the Wizard)3機種のRTAに全力で挑み、持てる知識と技術を出し尽くして私のすべてをアーカイブ化した。

Password generator for all Dragon Slayer 4 (Legacy of the Wizard) versions.
With input help table for keyboards with no hiragana imprinted on them.


Archive of mobile phone version of Dragon Slayer 4 (Legacy of the Wizard) based on the FC (NES) version. An introduction to how it was a great remake.

Summary of magazines in which Dragon Slayer 4 (Legacy of the Wizard) was covered. Includes advertisements, strategy information and supplements.
ドラゴンスレイヤー4 ドラスレファミリー が扱われた雑誌のまとめ。広告・攻略情報・付録など。

Credits for all versions of Dragon Slayer 4 (Legacy of the Wizard). Full text of film-style staff rolls and differences between versions,
and a record of who did what work on the development staff.