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The rule that monsters drop items / 雑魚モンスターが落とすアイテムの法則

Players may have a vague impression that defeating a monster will result in the most missing items in your possession, and that the first monster will always drop the key.
There seems to be no difference depending on the model (MSX1, MSX2, FC, NES, MOBILE PHONE version). The rules are the same no matter which map you defeat the enemy. The guidebook states that "gold is likely to appear near the devil's face in the dungeon", but this does not mean that the drop probability of items changes, and there are many enemies on flat terrain I think it is written in the sense that you can beat a large number quickly.
機種(MSX1, MSX2, FC, NES, 携帯電話版)による違いは無いようです。また、どのマップで敵を倒しても法則は同じです。攻略本には「悪魔の顔付近はゴールドが出やすい」と記載されていますが、これはアイテムのドロップ確率に変化があるわけではなく、地形が平坦なところに敵が沢山いるためまとまった数を早く倒せるという意味で書かれているのだと思います。

The actual drop conditions are as follows. Apply from top to bottom.
Immediately after the start of the game, the player has no KEY, so the key will appear when playing normally. I felt a lot of poison that was bothersome when playing and few scrolls that were an important factor in time attacks, but it was a fact. Keys will surely come out when the player does not have enough, but it is difficult to accumulate a large number of keys.

It's a luck if the monster drops the scroll, but if you don't meet Condition 1, 2 and 3, you can get 1/20 chance. You should actively kill monsters if there is no loss in the player's path.

How to get items/ アイテム別入手方法

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