Dragon Slayer 4(Legacy of the Wizard) MOBILE PHONE Map

ドラゴンスレイヤー4 ドラスレファミリー マップ(携帯電話版)
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The deepest part of the dungeon is 16 floors below ground, They are numbered A-01, B-01, C-01, D-01, A-02, B-02....D-16 on the map, followed by other rooms exist as EX-01 to 08.
ダンジョンの最深部は地下16階です。マップの内部番号がA-01, B-01, C-01, D-01, A-02, B-02...D-16にあたるものに続いた後、それ以外の部屋はEX-01から08として存在します。

EX-01 to 04 / EX-01から04
There is a room on EX-01 to 04 where you can fight the 4 bosses guarding the crown.

EX-05 to 08 / EX-05から08
On the EX-05 to 08, you will find map of the ground, the interior of the Worzen house, the SHOP, and INN.
EX-05から08には地上のマップ, ウォーゼン家の室内, SHOP, INNが存在します。

List of treasure chest contents in each area and items sold in the SHOP.

Description page for all the BGMs in Dragon Slayer 4 / Legacy of the Wizard. The official soundtrack is available for sale as a download and can be listened to at ease. Information on which scene the BGM is played in, List of BGM names from official sources where possible. Those without official names in English are clearly marked as such. Please read with confidence.
ドラゴンスレイヤー4 ドラスレファミリーの全楽曲の解説。公式サウンドトラックがダウンロード販売されており、手軽に聴くことができる。

From the description of the minimum items required to clear the game to how to obtain them and which characters can equip them.
List of treasure chest contents in each area and items sold in the SHOP.


Password generator for all Dragon Slayer 4 (Legacy of the Wizard) versions.
With input help table for keyboards with no hiragana imprinted on them.


Credits for all versions of Dragon Slayer 4 (Legacy of the Wizard). Full text of film-style staff rolls and differences between versions,
and a record of who did what work on the development staff.