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Purpose of LSD4 / LSD4の目的

Site Name / サイト名
LSD4: Unofficial archive of Legacy of the Wizard / Dragon Slayer 4
LSD4: ドラゴンスレイヤーIV ドラスレファミリー 非公式アーカイブ

LSD4 is an unofficial site aimed at preserving the records of “Legacy of the Wizard” and its japanese version “Dragon Slayer 4”. I will delete all or part of this site only when requested by the official copyright holder.
LSD4は「ドラゴンスレイヤー4」およびその海外版である「Legacy of the Wizard」の記録を保全することを目的とした非公式サイトです。 正式な著作権保持者様より要請があった場合のみ、このサイトの一部または全部の削除対応をさせていただきます。

TOC / 目次

Site policy / サイトポリシー

LSD4 does not receive any advertising consideration. All external links on this site are not affiliate links.
However, a minimum number of advertisements may be displayed in order to keep server operating costs completely free.

I don't think the launch of this site should be praised.
And, the names of those who helped create this site will not be posted.

Please help me / ご協力のお願い

Currently, I have only two strategy books. (as of 2019/05/01)
現在私の手元にある資料は2冊の攻略本だけです。(2019/05/01 現在)
Although the MSX version has been reprinted several times, the FC version and the NES version have become difficult to play year by year, and various materials such as strategy books have become difficult to obtain, and the price is rising. If you have the following materials, would you like to cooperate?
The names of those who cooperated will not be posted. Please contact us from Here on this page.
ご協力いただいた方のお名前は掲載いたしません。このページのContact meよりご連絡ください。

WANTED / 未解決

Help me #12: The "Yaguchi Version" of Dragon Slayer 4 for FC /

It is unknown if it exists. I'm looking for the FC version where Namco is located in Yaguchi(矢口) instead of Tamagawa(多摩川).

NAMCOT moved its offices from Tamagawa to Yaguchi during this period.
Most of the Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei games released around this time are Tamagawa versions, with a few Yaguchi versions.
A Yaguchi version may also exist for Dragon Slayer 4.

FC Package 多摩川(Tamagawa) version

FC ROM cartridge 多摩川(Tamagawa) version

FC Manual 多摩川(Tamagawa) version
The location is indicated on the package, ROM cassette, and manual.
I have checked a total of about 400 so far, all in the Tama River. If you see any, please let us know.

Help me #9: Back numbers of Falcom News Express / Falcom News Expressのバックナンバー

I'm looking for back numbers of the official Falcom newsletter "Falcom News Express". Any format or part of it is fine.


[SOLVED THX]Help me #10: How to enter the sound mode of the MSX1 version / MSX1版のサウンドモードに入る条件

SOLVED THX / 解決しました!ありがとうございます!(Click to view details / クリックで詳細を表示)

I am looking for how to enter the sound mode of the MSX1 ver.
The MSX2, FC, and NES ver. have a sound mode, but it is unknown if it exists in the MSX1 ver.
The string "SOUND MODE" is found in the ROM of the MSX1 version.

[SOLVED THX]Help me #8: Video or screenshot of the mobile phone version of the credits scene / 携帯電話版スタッフロールの動画またはスクリーンショット

SOLVED THX / 解決しました!ありがとうございます!(Click to view details / クリックで詳細を表示)

I'm looking for a video or screenshot of the mobile phone version of the staff roll. It can be fragmentary.

As I recall, the content of the mobile phone version of the staff roll is almost the same as the FC (Japan) version.

What's different is that all the characters used in the FC version are alphanumeric, while the Japanese character "バンダイナムコゲームズ(Bandai Namco Games)" is used, and there is a character "BlackJack Corp." which seems to be the name of the company in charge of the porting to the mobile phone version.

[SOLVED THX]Help me #7: Image that is not a printing mistake in the JICC Monster Manual / JICC版モンスターマニュアルの印刷ミスでない画像

SOLVED THX / 解決しました!ありがとうございます!(Click to view details / クリックで詳細を表示)

Miss printed version

Miss printed version

Correctly printed version

Correctly printed version
Of the illustrations in the monster manual published in this book, p39, 42, 43, 46, and 47 are printed out of alignment. I don't know if all the versions of this book look like this, but I'm looking for someone who can scan a book that hasn't been misprinted.

[SOLVED THX]Help me #6: Novel through Dragon Slayer 1 to 5 / ドラゴンスレイヤー1から5までを通した小説

SOLVED THX / 解決しました!ありがとうございます!(Click to view details / クリックで詳細を表示)

I remember that there was a novel in this book that was about 8 pages long and linked the contents of Dragon Slayer 1-5. I'm looking for someone who can scan with a quality that can read letters and post illustrations on a web page.

[SOLVED THX]Help me #5: Photo of the stored item "bomb" / 没アイテム「爆弾」の写真


Photo of the stored item "bomb"
In the middle of this book there is a page that introduces Dragon Slayer 1 to Dragon Slayer 7 at once, among which items like a bomb that seems to have been stored during development in the screen shot of Dragon Slayer 4 I remember it. I'm looking for someone who can scan.

[SOLVED THX]Help me #4 The exact release year of the NES version / NES版の正確な発売年

SOLVED THX / 解決しました!ありがとうございます!(Click to view details / クリックで詳細を表示)

I am trying to organize a Dragon Slayer 4 and Legacy of the Wizard chronology.But I don't know what year Lotw was released in North America.
Game packages and screens say 1988, and Wikipedia says 1989.
Does anyone know what the basis of the description on Wikipedia is ?


In the magazine “Nintendo power” as of 1989, it was stated that the release of LotW was delayed.

[SOLVED THX]Help me #1-3

SOLVED THX / 解決しました!ありがとうございます!(Click to view details / クリックで詳細を表示)

[SOLVED THX]Help me #3 Data H
[SOLVED THX]Help me #2 Comic K
[SOLVED THX]Help me #1 Tool Y

[SOLVED THX]Help me #00: MOBILE PHONE with the Dragon Slayer 4 app installed / ドラゴンスレイヤー4アプリがインストールされたガラケーを探しています

SOLVED THX / 解決しました!ありがとうございます!(Click to view details / クリックで詳細を表示)

I want a MOBILE PHONE with the Dragon Slayer 4 app installed.

If you have a Mobile phone that was working in 2008 and has this app, please give it to me.
As time goes by, the number of playable devices is reducing, and it is very difficult to maintain a playable devices.

Please never test the startup of the application. It will be permanently unplayable.

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Contact me / お問い合わせ

Contact information is here.
I am a Japanese speaker and studying English. I can read and write simple English.